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Queen Bohemian Rhapsody flash mob
Glen conducts a flash-mob Bohemian Rhapsody at a recent birthday party


Brach Siemens
Brach plays with Chicago band The Unfortunate

It’s been an epic journey from our humble beginnings in a broom closet to our current digs in the former ladies’ bathroom (you think I’m kidding?), nestled in a Chicago warehouse, tucked away between the tee shirt shop, the mechanic’s garage and the sheet metal shop. Zeppelin Design Labs combines the talents of two brainiac engineers: Brach, an expert audio products designer; and Glen, a veteran project manager. We are an endless (we hope) fount of genius and craft, churning out groovy audio product ideas like an over-soaped laundry. We started in 2011 doing freelance audio product design, and now we are manufacturing a few of our own products for sale direct to the end user.


Early Prototypes
Nearly six watts of earth-shattering power in one stack! Early prototypes.

Have you ever used a product – anything – and thought “Wow, the bozo who designed this thing obviously never actually tried to use it himself!” Having bought and built dozens of kits over the years, and well-aware of the frustrations caused by a poorly-designed product, we are determined to make ours the best-in-class. Every Zeppelin Design Labs product is a fusion of stylish design, clever ideas, top-shelf materials, terrific performance, ease of construction, and the best documentation possible.


We love what we do, with a particular passion for the do-it-yourself audio community. We hope you enjoy building and using our products at least half as much as we enjoy developing them.

Please let us know what you think! Can we design something custom just for you? Inquire at info [at] zeppelindesignlabs [dot] com. Have an idea for a new kit release? Share it on our forum!

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