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CORTADO: "I am loving this thing."

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    “Hey Glen,

    “I just wanted to say I am blown away at how good the Cortado is. I just soldered everything together and am doing some tests with it now. Haven’t fully installed it in the tins yet, but WOW. This thing sounds great! I’ve got it hooked directly up to a line input on my PC and I can already hear the difference compared to the others I tried with some of my own DIY and also cheap eBay preamps. It no longer sounds like I’m recording audio from the inside of a tin can…. Compared to everything else I’ve tried I am so happy to finally be getting usable results.

    “So far I am loving this thing.

    “Thank you so much. If I need any help, I’ll be sure to post around on the forums.”
    — Cody, Godfrey, Illinois

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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