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    We recently (November 2018) released a MIDI mod for the fabulously popular Quaverato Harmonic Trem pedal. The MIDI mod is available as a very simple kit or a ready-to-go board. In either case, you will need to drill one hole in the back of your Quaverato chassis using the supplied template.
    The MIDI Mod gives you complete control over every function (except volume) using any MIDI controller or workstation.
    One special feature ONLY accessible via MIDI is Wave Invert. This feature allows you to run two Quaveratos in Spectacular Stereo! You send a MIDI message to invert the waveform of one pedal relative to another. Route your stereo signal through the two independent pedals. Now set both pedals to receive on the same MIDI channel and control them in tandem. The stereo results can be mind-bending.
    MIDI functionality will be offered as an option on all future pedal releases, without the need to drill any extra hole.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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