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    Seth N Peacock

    I built it a while ago and after some difficulty you guys helped me get it operational and I absolutely love it. At some point recently the rate/ratio/spacing controls started acting super funky. The rate seems to do absolutely nothing now, other than a little stutter when i make large sweeps with the knob. The tap tempo works and responds to the ratio knob but not in the right way. Spacing seems to be controlling the rate and spacing at the same time – clockwise the rate goes up. I always use it on full speed so Im not sure how long its been doing this, but I know it wasnt doing it when I first got it operational. The only way I can get it to full speed now is with spacing and ratio fully clockwise, again rate seems to have no effect other than a small stutter when I sweep it up and down.

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    Rusty Sterling

    Not trying to be pedantic (you may have already tried) but perhaps the locking nut on the knob. I guess it would be a pot gone bad, or even something as simple as a bad solder joint that finally stopped working. These would be all my first thoughts. Good luck. I just built mine and haven’t had to troubleshoot as yet.

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    What are you using for a power supply?

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    Rusty Sterling

    That’s a good question. What is the minimum milliamps that a power supply should have for this pedal? I know that it’s OK to run a pedal with higher milliamps than rated but problems ensue when the supply milliamps is too low.

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    The pedal uses around 50mA, so to be safe use a power supply capbale of suppling 100mA.

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    Seth N Peacock

    I’m using a 100mA output on a voodoo lab mondo supply. Any ideas which part of the circuit i should be looking for the bad solder joint?

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