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    Rusty Sterling

    Playing around with the pedal I noticed a couple of interesting things:

    1) Don’t put the pedal on top of your amp. It picks up spurious emissions from the amplifier that are kind of ugly.

    2) The pedal seems to add some high end to the signal, which I expected because I read about this before with tremolo pedals. Just dial back the guitar tone control or the amp’s tone.

    3) I play through a Tweed Deluxe clone, which has some inherent sag. That sag along with the tremolo sound very interesting but need to be controlled. I’m still figuring that out. It’s not bad but not great and I need to find the happy spot.

    4) I used my little battery pack to power the pedal and it works just great. Don’t know how long the battery will last, since it already been noted that the pedal draws a lot of power. But it seems for short stints it is just fine.

    Question: My power supply is 9v, 300ma. Is the milliamp rating enough for this pedal?

    Great pedal and except for it resting on the amp it’s extremely quiet.

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    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us…it helps in knowing what issues exist in real life.
    1) I would hope that the grounded chassis would keep this from happening much, but power transformers do emmit a lot of flux. If you want to keep it on your amp, maybe try to keep the pedal on the side of your amp away from the power transformer (the side where the guitar input is). Also, mind how your input and output cables are laying on the amp top. They can pick up hum too.
    2) Yes it can add emphasise some higher frequencies, but you can “tune” it with the high and low trim pots to get more of a natural sound.
    3) Amp sag should just happen when you hit the gutiar hard, whereas the sag from the tremolo LFO will happen in steady time. One idea is to set the tremolo LFO faster (like 2:1 or faster ratio) so that when you hit the amp hard on the down beat the LFO can still be hard and the two phenomena don’t have as much effect on each other…just an idea.
    4) The battery should be fine for short stints. I estimate around 6 or 7 hours of use with a typical 9 volt battery.
    Your 9v/300mA power supply is fine…the pedal uses around 50mA, so anything more than double that should be fine.
    Thanks agian for your comments.

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    Rusty Sterling

    Thanks for that information. I don’t plan on having the pedal on top of the amp in general. I was just testing and noticed all the noise. I’m keeping it off the amp from now on. And I asked another question in another thread about power supply milliamps and you just answered it here. Thanks. So I guess the minimum milliamps should be 100ma. I think it is rare for a PS to be less than 100ma but I suppose there are some out there.

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