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    Here is an excellent user demo video emphasizing the harmonic nature of the Quaverato: the independent modulation of low and high frequencies. Throughout the vid, the user (Tonal AXiS) manipulates the HARMONIC MIX knob to clearly demonstrate steady lows and pulsing highs, and vice versa. At 0:57 he switches from IN PHASE to OUT of PHASE, and you can clearly hear the sweeping, wah-like effects.
    Tonal AXiS Quaverato Demo

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    JustNickMusic demo video: “May I just say, this thing is sexy as hell. This is the sexiest pedal I have had the pleasure to mess with in a long time, and I mess with a lot of sexy pedals.”

    ShnobelTone demo video: “Very great sounding tremolo pedal…”

    CoolGuitarGear, aka Brian Johnston, demo video. I really dig the zeppelin footage.

    Pedal of the Day demo video

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    Mike Hermans demo video. Mike really captures the beauty, scope, sweep and range of possibilities the Quaverato offers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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