Copper Tape

Copper Shielding Tape 12″


Copper tape 13/16″ (2 cm) x 12″ (25 cm). One piece of tape will shield two piezo discs, or one disc and one Cortado MkII PCB. Each Cortado MkII Kit includes 12″ copper tape; get an extra piece of tape if you want to wire multiple piezos in parallel into one Cortado MkII PCB.


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To add an additional piezo contact to your Cortado MkII, you will need:
  • One piezo transducer
  • Some extra mic cable (sold here in bulk, 1' (25cm) increments)
  • Some extra copper shielding tape. Each Cortado MkII kit comes with 12" (25cm) tape, which is enough to shield two piezos, or one piezo and the PCB.