Important Shipping Info

COVID-19: (updated 5/19/20) FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS WILL BE DELAYED due to a COVID-19 issue affecting our shipper. Consider upgrading to Priority International, or be prepared to wait. To mitigate spread of disease, packages are not being manually scanned, which means your tracking history will not tell you much about your shipment’s progress. We have NEVER actually lost a shipment, but lately they are taking 3-5 weeks to deliver.

ALL ORDERS may take 3-5 days to process and ship. New orders will take priority over customer service requests. Please be patient; it’s a tricky situation. Our products are stored in a zero-traffic warehouse with no possible exposure to infection.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING VAT AND DUTIES Most countries apply VAT (Value Added Tax) and/or Import duties to purchases from Zeppelin Design Labs. We have no control over this process, which sometimes seems to be applied arbitrarily. We have no knowledge of specific duties applied by other countries. These fees are not included in our prices, and are yours to pay when your package arrives. If you wonder what fees may be applied to your order, go to your local post station and inquire there. We never under-state the invoice value of our shipments.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING SERVICES We currently use United States Postal Service (USPS) as our primary delivery service. USPS very reliably delivers all shipments to the destination country, and hands it over to your public post service for local delivery. Once the shipment arrives in your country, it is completely out of our control. What happens next depends on the receiving country and the shipping class.


  • First Class means Last Class. This service is reliable but can be very slow. Since April 6, 2020 we have seen First Class International shipments take 7-10 days just to leave the US! This is unprecedented and unexplained. Blame it on COVID-19. Once the package arrives in your country, Customs processing varies widely. Some countries are consistently quick (Finland), some consistently slow (Germany), some have widely varying times (UK). Packages are usually not scanned while they sit in Customs. This makes it seem the article has disappeared, and many customers become nervous. This service is by far the least expensive way to ship around the world, but requires patience.
  • Priority and Priority Express move much more quickly through customs, and are frequently scanned. Perfectly reliable, and much more expensive.


Here are a few notes about specific countries with which we have had some trouble. If your country is not listed here, it means we have never experienced any problem with any shipment.

  • AUSTRALIA – Takes a long time to get from here to there. Please contact our dealer in Brisbane, Signal Chain, for better speed and pricing.
  • GERMANY – Unusually difficult local delivery. We have had an unusual number of shipments returned and even lost. Be very careful to address your order accurately. Be alert to a notice to come pick up your package at the post station. If you do not collect it quickly, they well send it back to us! Please contact our dealer in Berlin, KOMA-ELEKTRONIK, for better service and pricing.
  • MEXICO – We do NOT SHIP FIRST CLASS TO MEXICO!! Your package WILL disappear without a trace. Choose Priority, Priority Express, or contact us about possibly using FedEx.
  • SPAIN – Unusually long times in customs, typically three weeks.
  • UK – Unusually high VAT, Customs, and even an additional Local Delivery fee. Please contact our dealers in UK for better pricing and service: Break the Machine, and Thonk.