VAT & Shipping Info

MOST ORDERS ship same or next business day.

VAT AND DUTIES – Prices on this site DO NOT INCLUDE VAT. For shipments to EU, VAT will be applied and collected upon delivery. If you wonder what fees may be applied to your order, please inquire at your local post station. We never under-state the invoice value of our shipments.

If you choose not to pay the VAT or duties applied to your order by your country, and/or the package is returned to us (for any reason), we will refund you the purchase price of your order, but we cannot refund the shipping costs.

INTERNATIONAL LOCAL DELIVERY CHARGE – Shipments via USPS (First Class, Priority, Priority Express) may, in some countries, incur an additional “local delivery” fee. DHL Express shipments DO NOT incur local delivery fees.


  • First Class means Last Class. This service is inexpensive and reliable but very slow. Customs processing in the destination country varies widely, typically 2-4 weeks. Packages are scanned infrequently. This makes it seem the article has disappeared, and many customers become nervous. This service is by far the least expensive way to ship around the world, but requires patience.
  • Priority and Priority Express move much more quickly through customs, and are frequently scanned. Perfectly reliable, and much more expensive.
  • DHL Express is popular in Europe for good reason. Very fast and reliable, competitive with Priority Express.