Warranties & Returns

The following policies apply to the original purchaser or gift recipient and are not transferrable. If you buy a used Zeppelin Design Labs product, or a product built by a third party from one of our kits no warranty will apply, and no returns can be accepted. If you have problems with a second-hand purchase, we may be able to service it as described below.


KITS are guaranteed to be complete; all components are guaranteed to be functional. If anything is missing from your kit, write to us at info-at-zeppelindesignlabs-dot-com and we will send you replacement parts. Be sure to mention the order number or the kit serial number.

We cannot guarantee that any kit product a customer assembles will function properly because we cannot guarantee the quality of their work or that the parts are not damaged during assembly.

READY-TO-PLAY / PRE-BUILT products are guaranteed free of manufacturing defects for 90 days from ship date. If any defect emerges during the warranty period, contact us at info-at-zeppelindesignlabs-dot-com for return authorization. (Often we can usually fix a finicky product via email.) If we authorize a return, send us the product properly packaged (you pay postage); we will repair or replace the product and ship it back to you.


KITS – OPENED cannot be returned. If you are not sure you can build the kit, DO NOT OPEN IT! Examine the assembly instructions available from the product page on this web site BEFORE you open the package!

KITS – UNOPENED If you decide to return the unopened kit (with in 30 days of receiving the product), ship it back to us (you pay postage) and when it arrives to us in new condition we will refund 100% of the product purchase price (which does not include what you paid for shipping; shipping charges cannot be refunded).

READY-TO-PLAY / PRE-BUILT returns: If you are not satisfied with your ready-to-play product for any reason, return it to us in like-new condition within 30 days of when you received the product (you pay return shipping). We may need to deduct a re-stock fee from your purchase price if your product requires any refurbishment, cleaning, or repackaging. The balance of the purchase price will be refunded. This does not include your original shipping cost, which cannot be refunded.


ORIGINAL OWNER: If you cannot get your kit to work, or if your out-of-warranty pre-built product begins to act up, write to us at info-at-zeppelindesignlabs-dot-com and we will try to help (NOTE: this is not a guarantee and we are not obligated to help). If your unit requires service beyond what can be performed via email, we may be able to service it for you (based on our time availability) for a fee of $75/service hour, minimum 1 hour, plus parts and shipping. In most cases, repairs can be completed in less than 1 service hour. You are also responsible for the shipping costs, both ways.

SECOND-HAND OWNER: If you bought your Zeppelin product used or second hand, or if you bought a product that someone else built from a kit, no warranties apply. If the product proves defective, your issue is with the seller and we will not be able to help you resolve that. If you want us to service the item, request an RMA, and if we are able (based on our time availability), we can service it for a fee of $75/hour, plus parts and shipping, 1 hour minimum. You are also responsible for the shipping costs, both ways.