Build your own audio and music gear with our fun DIY electronic kits.

Our kits are hand-made in our workshop in Chicago with a particular passion for the do-it-yourself community.

We believe musicians and artists form a greater connection to their work and their art when they know how their gear works. Building a kit is a great way to learn about what’s inside your gear while making something you’ll use for years to come. If you’ve never built a DIY kit before give it a try!

Zeppelin Design Labs Parts and Tools


Some of the tools you might need to complete your DIY kit. If you need replacement parts not listed here, just contact us.

A still image of a man holding a pedal and explaining how it works


Visit our YouTube channel for demos, tutorials, reviews, and build videos.

Zeppelin Design Labs Merch


Tee shirts, patches, stickers: Impress your friends and neighbors – get your retro Zeppelin logo merch here!