About Us

A photo of Brach smiling and looking at the camera
A photo of Glen smiling and looking at the camera

We started with Brach in a broom closet, designing guitar amps and pedals freelance for others. In 2015 he joined up with Glen van Alkemade to form Zeppelin Design Labs and we promptly moved from the broom closed to the reclaimed bathroom.  Nestled in a Chicago warehouse, tucked away between the tee shirt printer, the mechanic’s garage and the sheet metal shop. Zeppelin Design Labs  designs, manufactures and markets unique DIY audio products direct to the consumer — you!

Have you ever used a product – anything – and thought “Wow, the bozo who designed this thing obviously never actually tried to use it themself!” Having bought and built dozens of kits over the years, and well-aware of the frustrations caused by a poorly-designed product, we are determined to make ours the best-in-class. Every Zeppelin Design Labs product is a fusion of stylish design, clever ideas, terrific performance, ease of construction, and the best documentation possible.

We love what we do, with a particular passion for the do-it-yourself audio community. We hope you enjoy building and using our products at least half as much as we enjoy developing them.

Zeppelin Design Labs LLC

The Zeppelin Design Labs team posing for a group photo
Colleen-Fabrication; Glen-Manager; Brach-Product Design; Thomas-Software; Nathan-Intern