About Us

Zeppelin Design Labs is the brainchild of electrical engineer and product designer Brach Siemens. After working for years designing guitar amplifiers and effects pedals for others, Brach aspired to design products that would offer customers the gratifying experience of building the gear they use in creating their own music. So in 2014, Zeppelin Design Labs was started as an outlet to provide a wide-ranging product line of do-it-yourself kits, while still offering freelance audio electronic design services.

As someone who is deeply passionate about designing and building audio gear, Brach has a particular enthusiasm for the audio DIY community. His design ethos has been formed around his passion for making gear that is used in the creation of music and art. “There is something magical about the process of creation…and there is something especially fulfilling about making the gear we use to express our creativity. We develop a completely different relationship with our art when we’ve had a hand in creating the tools used in the process.” As Brach says, the goal of Zeppelin Design Labs is “to give our customers the opportunity to build their own gear…giving them the confidence and experience to…eventually use their creativity to design their own gear from the ground up.” 

 Brach’s blog bio can be found here.

The Zeppelin Design Labs team posing for a group photo
Colleen-Fabrication; Glen-Manager; Brach-Product Design; Thomas-Software; Nathan-Intern

Here at Zeppelin Design Labs, we love what we do. We are blessed to be able to do what we are so passionate about. We hope you enjoy building and using our products at least half as much as we enjoy developing them.

Zeppelin Design Labs is part of an organization that supports Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO), one of the largest shelters in the City of Chicago supporting people experiencing homelessness.  It is one of the few shelters in Chicago who offer housing to families with children. CCO provides services for over 250 men, women, and children on a daily basis. Find out more about CCO here.