About Brach

Brach has always had a deep fascination with how and why things work. He has been tinkering with technology since he was 4 years old when, with overwhelming curiosity, he learned how to pry apart his mechanical and electrical toys with a flat head screwdriver. He has been repairing technical devices since he learned how to put those toys back together again a few years later.

Brach studied both graphic design and electrical engineering at university, developing a well-rounded approach to design, and cultivating a passion for both form and function…how things look, as well as how things work.

He spent several years repairing professional audio and studio gear, which allowed him to gain invaluable experience in seeing firsthand why certain design approaches and manufacturing techniques work better than others. He uses that experience on a daily basis in his work designing audio products.

Being a lifelong musician, Brach is deeply passionate about expressing his creativity through designing audio electronics and musical instruments. He is also passionate about sharing his experience to help others explore their creative side by encouraging them to make the gear they use to create their art. In Brach’s words “One of the goals I had in starting Zeppelin Design Labs as a kit and DIY company was to give our customers the opportunity to build their own gear, hopefully giving them the confidence and experience to use their creativity to eventually design their own gear from the ground up; but at the very least I hope to give our customers a much better understanding of how their music gear works. To most people a pedal or an amp is just a black box that does something they like, but if we understand how that device is working it changes our perception and our relationship with that piece of technology and that knowledge influences, in a good way, how we use the device.  On a deeper level, my hope is to encourage our customers to exercise their creativity by making things they are passionate about. There is something magical about the process of creation…and there is something especially fulfilling about making the gear we use to express our creativity. We develop a completely different relationship with our art when we’ve had a hand in creating the tools used in the process.”

Brach encourages everyone to read a “making” blog, watch a DIY YouTube video, put together a kit, or even build something from scratch. He wants to inspire and empower others to create something they can use!