VPM-1 Volume Pedal Mod for Ernie Ball VP Jr

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Upgrade your Ernie Ball VP Jr (model 6180 or 6181) with the “mother of all volume pedal mods!”

  • No strings to break or potentiometers to get dirty
  • A powerful magnet and a Hall effect sensor detect treadle movement
  • Pure analog signal path
  • Choose from 5 different volume taper curves
  • Add up to 14dB gain
  • Stereo Upgrade adds traditional and panning stereo modes
  • Expression Upgrade allows you to control almost any pedal with an expression input

Choose from three build options:

  • DIY KIT: Build your own mod from scratch. Soldering required. Small circuit board soldering experience highly recommend. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.
  • READY TO INSTALL: Get the mod fully assembled and ready for you to install in your Ernie Ball Jr with just a few basic tools. No soldering required.
  • FULL SERVICE: Send us your Ernie Ball Jr and we’ll take care of everything. Return shipping in the US is included.


In Australia, get it at SIGNAL CHAIN

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  • No strings or pots; instead a magnet and Hall effect sensor detect pedal movement
  • Pure analog signal path
  • Five response curves (volume tapers)  to choose from: Linear, two Reverse Logarithmic, and two Logarithmic curves
  • Use the calibration procedure to set the maximum and minimum volume points to any position along the treadle movement
  • Reversible treadle action
  • Internal voltage doubled to 18V for plenty of headroom
  • Add up to 14dB gain
  • Buffered tuner out jack can be used as a signal splitter capable of driving a different effects chain.
  • Stereo Upgrade can be configured for either traditional stereo  (the volume of both channels rises and falls together) or pan action (as the volume of one channel rises, the other falls).
  • Expression Upgrade can be configured to control a huge variety of expression controllable pedals
build options
  • DIY Kit: Everything you need to build your own boards and mod your own busted Ernie Ball VP Jr pedal. Soldering required. Small circuit board soldering experience highly recommend. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.
  • See “What You Will Need” tab.
  • Ready-to-Install: We send you the fully assembled boards and chassis, ready for you to install in your Ernie Ball VP Jr pedal with little more than a screw driver and a drop of super glue. No soldering required.
  • Full Service: Send us your Ernie Ball VP Jr (please enclose your order number) and we will take care of everything. No effort required. Includes return shipping in the US. Outside the US, please contact us before ordering Full Service.

5 reviews for VPM-1 Volume Pedal Mod for Ernie Ball VP Jr

  1. Robert Cooper

    I love it! I did the mod kit installation yesterday. This was my first attempt at doing any through-hole soldering project and it went really well considering my lack of experience. I plugged it in and it works flawlessly. I run the pedal after my drives and before my modulation and delay. My tone stays exactly the same ant any volume level and the boost gives my signal a little kick in the pants before heading down the road. Great kit!

  2. Glenn (verified owner)

    I’ve been searching for the perfect volume pedal and it’s been a struggle. BUT NOW my search is over. Enter the VPM-1 mod. All I have to say is that the implementation behind this design is nothing short of genius. There is no shortage of attention to detail. I love the fact there is no string and 5 sweep options with saving your favorite??? Yes please! The pedal goes in front of my signal chain immediately into a Truetone Route 66 and there is ZERO tone suck/loss throughout the rest of my chain (Flyrig v2 as the core). Oh and I forgot to mention the extra 14db gain knob (crazy). The manual says to use caution (’cause you’ll probably overload your board or amp, ha!). The whole team at Zeppelin should be applauded, especially during this COVID-19 situation. Thank you to Glen, and Brock and anyone else that delivered such an amazing product! Stay well!

  3. Dave Reinisch (verified owner)

    For anyone on the fence about getting this don’t hesitate! I did the self install. Outstanding customer service. Awesome product. No more strings. Custom calibrate the sweep. Don’t toss your busted VP Jr. and bring it back to life. It’s a no brainer . Thanks guys. A+++++

  4. dlsmusic

    I love my new VPM-1! I purchased the kit. The build instructions are extremely clear. The circuit worked flawlessly upon powering up. The calibration is a breeze. The pedal mod has significantly improved my tone as compared to the original pedal. I didn’t realize how much it was sucking the life out of my tone. The VPM-1 dramatically improved my sound. I couldn’t recommend this pedal mod enough! Count me in as a ZPL fan!

  5. Richie B (verified owner)

    Beautiful! I used my Morley for quite, but never liked or got used to the taper, used my VP Jr for live and lived with the less than stellar performance. After an hour and a half with the VPM-1 I am floored, great sound, the build was a gas and the instructions were perfect. Fan for life, nice work!

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What You WIll Need

    If you order your VPM-1 Ready-to-Install, you will need little more than a #2 Philips screw driver and a drop of super glue -- and an Ernie Ball VP Jr volume pedal, of course.
    The DIY KIT requires the following tools and supplies. Tools marked (*) are available from Zeppelin Design Labs; follow the links! See also the online VPM-1 Assembly Manual, available on the Documentation tab.
    • TOOLS
          • *Digital multimeter
          • #2 Philips screw driver
          • Small flat-head screwdriver
          • Needle nose pliers
          • *Wire strippers
          • *Small diagonal-cutting or flush-cutting pliers
          • X-acto knife or hobby knife
          • 1/2" (12mm) and 9/16" (15mm) sockets and driver; in a pinch, pliers may work as well.
          • *Soldering iron (not a soldering gun, or a “cold heat” iron), good quality, 15-50 watt. An iron with a temperature control and a stand is best. Use a small size tip, with conical or chisel shape.
          • Solder sucker or solder braid (optional, but very handy if you have to remove or repair any components!)
          • Damp sponge or dry solder-cleaning pad
          • Clamp or vise to hold the printed circuit board while soldering (optional, but handy)
          • An Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedal, not necessarily in working condition
          • Good quality *Solder, 60/40 rosin core, small diameter
          • Isopropyl alcohol and cleaning rag
          • Transparent tape or masking tape


  • Download the Manuals:
    • VPM-1 Owner's Guide - 4 MB pdf - All of the VPM-1's many unique features thoroughly explained. Includes installation instructions for the Ready-to-Install version.
    • VPM-1 Assembly Manual  - 8 MB pdf - Detailed, step-by-step instructions for building the standard DIY kit and the Stereo and Expression Upgrades.
    • VPM-1 Troubleshooting Guide - 3MB - Use this guide to help troubleshoot issues with VPM-1 kit builds that aren't working properly.
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