Solder Sucker


  • Clever tool easily removes excess blobs of solder from your PCB
  • Depress the plunger, place the tip near the molten solder, press the button and SNAP! The solder is gone.
  • A tremendous aid to both beginners and experts.

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This clever little gadget is incredibly helpful when you need to remove excess solder from your PCB, or when you need to de-solder and remove a component. This, of course, happens when you damage a component or install the wrong component. A fabulous companion for both beginners and experts.

Press down on the plunger to “cock” the tool. Hold the tip near the joint you need to clean up. Fuse (melt) the solder with the tip of your iron and press the button on the side of the sucker. A spring launches the plunger with a SNAP, creating a brief, intense slurp at the tip, capturing your excess solder and removing it cleanly from the PCB. The solder ends up as tiny particles inside the body of the tool. Just unscrew the tool body from time to time and dump out the dust.

CAUTION: If you are using solder that contains lead, the particles inside the sucker are hazardous. Dump out carefully into the trash so particles do not escape into the environment. Wash your hands thoroughly after emptying the sucker.