ZDL Updater


The ZDL Updater is a small (18 MB) simple PC application that helps you update or restore the software on any Zeppelin device. The Updater is free! CLICK HERE to download now.

You will also need a USB-Tiny programmer, and the latest software for your device. See “What You Will Need” below.

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Simple app enables you to easily obtain and install software updates for any Zeppelin Design Labs product. Includes a detailed Help file.

  1. Choose your product

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2. Choose your software version

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3. Flash your device!







CLICK HERE to download the Updater now!

What You Will Need

To update the software on any Zeppelin Design Labs product, you will need:
  • ZDL Updater
  • A PC running Windows XP or later (Mac and Linux not supported)
  • A USB-Tiny programmer. ZDL Updater is tested and guaranteed to work with our USB-Tiny. It may or may not work with your USB-Tiny.
  • A Zeppelin Design Labs device. This Updater is not useful for anything else.
  • The latest version of the software for your device, from the following list. Right click and choose "Save link as..." to download a small zip folder. Unzip that folder somewhere and follow the instructions in the README file.
Available software:  


To Install:
  1. CLICK HERE to download the setup file (Zeppelin_Setup.msi). Save the file to any convenient location on your PC.
  2. Double-click the setup file and if prompted for permission to proceed, click “Yes” or “Run.”
  3. Click “Next" three times. Please do not change the installation location.
  4. Another permission screen. Click “Yes.”
  5. Does ZDL Updater seem to hang up at this point? Try moving the popup window. There may be another window behind it. Click “I Agree.”popup window
  6. Check ONLY the third check box, where you see “USBtinyISP.” Click “Install.”USBTiny drivers
  7. Click “Close” twice.
  8. That’s it! To run, double-click the desktop icon. A warning may appear. Click "OK" and when the orange interface appears, click the "?" to access a detailed Help document.