Copper Shielding Tape – Bulk


Copper tape 1.6″ (4 cm) wide, sold by the foot (30 cm). One foot of tape will shield three or four piezo discs, or two discs and one Cortado MkII PCB. Each Cortado MkII Kit includes 6″ (15 cm) copper tape; get some extra tape if you want to wire multiple piezos in parallel into one Cortado MkII PCB.


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To add an additional piezo contact to your Cortado MkII, you will need:
  • One piezo transducer
  • Some extra mic cable (sold here in bulk, 1' (25cm) increments)
  • Some extra copper shielding tape. Each Cortado MkII kit comes with 12" (25cm) tape, which is enough to shield two piezos, or one piezo and the PCB.