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    So I just got to play through a Percolator for the first time. Stock, off the shelf with the supplied 8″ Jensen speaker, running a generic hollowbody equipped with two humbuckers. A brief disclaimer: I’m no professional musician, nor an electronics engineer, so I don’t have all the right terminology or a lot of knowledge about their component selection. This is as layman as it gets.
    A few thoughts on my experience. First and foremost is the sheer magnitude of presence coming out of this tiny box (beautifully finished in a medium brown stain and poly). With the volume rolled back a bit, the tone is clean and well suited to playing in my bedroom without incurring the wrath of my neighbors. Get a little rowdy and crank it up (let’s be honest, that’s why one plays amplified anyway, right?) and it breaks up beautifully giving anywhere from a thick bluesy voice around halfway, all the way to a pretty aggressive growl with a moderate drive at around 3/4. I didn’t roll it up to eleven this time. I have no doubt that it would hold its own on a stage for most applications, mic’d through the PA if needed and the single 8 providing plenty of presence to forego the need for mixing into the monitors.
    I’m told that there are additional features to come, like the possibility of a line out for headphones, tone knob, etc. These would be, in my opinion, icing on an already tasty little cake. I would, however, like to see a “drive” control to adjust the voice independently of volume, as I like the “broken up” clipped sound but don’t always want it at the volume that would come along with it.
    All in all, a fantastic all-arounder.

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    Glen v A

    Thanks Triumph.
    I was testing a batch of speaker cabs prior to packaging, but I am no guitarist at all. Triumph works in the adjacent sheet metal shop (see About Us) and was attracted by the ghastly caterwauling emanating from the Lab. I am grateful he hung around to play through the last few cabs; I was giving myself a headache.

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