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    First off I just wanna tip my hat to the guys at Zepplin! The Quaverato is a great kit and, an Awesome! pedal, all around. Second off, I’d just like to say that aside from replacing the input jack on one of my guitars and a pickup on another guitar I had precious little soldering experience. That being said I just took my time and was deliberate with each solder and was able to complete the project in about four evenings. And.. much to my surprise the thing fired right up and works perfectly!
    Whew, such bliss! I did use, maybe six inches, of solder braid (Definitely get yourself some of this miraculous stuff.) to correct a few over bleeds and other minor mishaps. But the instructions are excellent and cover pretty much every any question that might arise during the build and, if you have any questions the instructions don’t cover you just hit them up here and you’ll get an answer quick as snot ina sneeze.
    So, two thumbs up, five stars however you wanna say it, buy it, build it, be one with it you’ll not regret it!

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    I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed the Quaverato kit! It’s so fulfilling to get that sense of accomplishment when it works the first time you power it up. I hope it gives you years of great tone!
    Thanks so much for the positive feedback!
    Take care.

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