Bad Potentiometer?

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    Ouch dang it. I got the Mini Synth kit together just fine, but the sound does not change when I move the “Wave Shape” potentiometer ( furthest left). I tested the potentiometer with my multimeter and it shows an open circuit both between the end contacts and between the middle (wiper) contact and the end contacts. The other pots show 3.16K between the ends and a value between 0 and 3.15K or so on the wiper depending on the position of the pot.

    Do you have an extra one of those pots that you could send me? I can desolder the the bad one and replace it without too much pain..

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    Yup, that’s a bad pot for sure. Happens about once in 2,000. I’ll send you a new one. Shot an email to info-at-zeppelindesignlabs=dot=com. Include your serial number if you’ve got it, and shipping address.
    Meanwhile you can confirm the pot is bad (and check out the other wave forms) by gently pressing down on the pot stem while turning. That should put the wiper in contact with the little carbon strip inside.

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