Biscuit Joints

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    Glen v A

    Biscuit Joints
    Several Percolator builders, including Jim Smith in Ohio and Dave Talsma in Michigan, used biscuited joints to eliminate the wood screws all together. If you are unfamiliar with biscuit joinery, here is a good resource: Biscuit Basics
    All of our products can be assembled using only the L-joint described in this video.
    Beginning in summer 2016, this is the technique we will use to assemble all of our Ready-to-Play amps.

    Dave T's screwless Percolator.
    Dave T’s Percolator with biscuit joints. He installed the grille frame with small screws from the inside.

    Jim S's biscuited Combo
    Jim S used biscuit joints on his combo, resulting in tight, elegant joints. He also applied this unusual distressing technique, by carving chunks out of the edges. See more of Jim’s classy combo in the Customer Photo Gallery.

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