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    Glen v A

    Making a Stack: If you want to join your Percolator and speaker cabinet into a stack, obviously that’s easily done, but here is a template to make it even easier:
    Stack Template
    The sequence would go like this:

    1. Complete the amp exactly as described in the instruction manual, except do not install the four rubber feet. Also, you may want to consider finding a different handle. The one we include with the Percolator may feel uncomfortable on your fingers once it has a speaker cabinet hanging from it as well, and it may not be very durable in the long term. Look for a rounder handle that feels nice, and that has deeper threaded wells for receiving a longer length of mounting screw.
    2. Finish the 1×8 cabinet (meaning, apply the finish) but do not install the baffle yet.
    3. Use the Stack Template (above) to lay out four holes in the top of the speaker cabinet that will align with the pilot holes in the bottom of the Percolator. Use the cross-hairs marked “B”.
    4. Go to the hardware store and pick up 4 more wood screws similar to the ones included in the kits: #6 or #8 x 1-1/4″, flat head or round head.
    5. Drill down through the top of the speaker cabinet, using the size bit appropriate to the screws (#6 = 9/64; #8 = 5/32)
    6. Attach the amp to the cabinet by running the four screws up through the cabinet and into the amp.
    7. Install the baffle. Done!

    Let us see what you come up with!

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