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    Hi all,

    I ran into an issue it seems others have but mine have some odd details that others haven’t mentioned so I figured I’d post.

    I got to the step where it’s time to plug in the power and a 1/4″ jack into the input. Red power LED lights up, green tap LED lights up and seems to function as expected with rate/tap adjustments . . . but red LED for bypass switch does not light up.

    When I click the bypass switch, I can hear the relay clicking. In fact, if I kinda hold the footswitch down a certain way, I can hear the relay clicking repeatedly on its own. I’m not sure if that’s a related issue or something different.

    I followed the trouble-shooting guide – the leads connecting to the footswitch lugs have continuity and my diode tester says 1.74 when testing the red bypass LED (incidentally, the LED lights up when doing the diode test so I can see the LED should work).

    I’m not sure where to go from here – can anyone help me? I really appreciate it!

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    So the footswitch and the relay seem to be working. The only thing that seems to not be working is the function of the red LED. Why don’t you go ahead and finish calibrating the pedal and soldering the jumpers…see if everything works except for the LED.
    Since you know the actual LED is working (from when your multimeter powered it on during the diode test) and properly orientated, the problem is probably with a solder joint either on the LED itself, R11, or on the microcontroller…check pin 6. Make sure R11 is the correct value and there is continuity from one pin of R11 to pin 6 of the microcontroller. Test to see that pin 6 is going high (to 5 volts) when the LED should be on…measure this on the pin of the microcontroller itself, not at the socket’s solder joint. Make sure the microcontroller is seated properly in it’s socket.
    It’s got to be something simple like this. The microcontroller is almost certainly working properly.
    Good luck.

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