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    Glen v A

    We just got this from Richard, who bought a Percolator Combo from Woodbrass, our dealer in Paris:
    “Thanks again to Julien from the Woodbrass store in Paris, I am now the happy owner of a Percolator combo since 2 days [ago]. I am delighted with the sounds coming from this amp! My quest of goooooood vintage tones at low volume levels has finally ended!
    I have been waiting for something like this (and not a piece of crap coming from China) for [such] a long time that I thought no one would come up with this amp design! This is the proof that an amp designed to be played at home doesn’t need to have 3 or 5 valves in it to sound good, and that we can’t all have 15W tube amps at home to practice! The sounds are pure, the design of the cabinet is a pleasure to see (and to carry !!!!), I plug [in] an Ethos Overdrive, a Strymon Deco and a Flint, and my Telecaster is in heaven!”

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