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    This is a small mod, but includes commentary on possible further mods. Basically, I wanted to see if I could turn a Cortado into a removable under-bridge pickup. Obviously the disc can’t go under a bridge, but it’s easy enough to affix a disc to something that can.

    Oh look, pictures and mp3s!

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    i have DONE IT

    iiiiiiiiii found the waaaaaaaaaaaaay

    CHECK THIS OUT. 100% raw recording, experimental harness, alternating straight cortado (as per previous mod) with shiny new YES THAT’S RIGHT UNDER THE GODDAMN BRIDGE mod, NO eq, NO efx, just crossfades between the two recordings.

    there’s a little mechanical buzz, that’s just because I was, you know, COVERED IN WIRES and such, ignore that. Just bathe in the luxury of an smoooooth no-EQ-needed low-end.

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    Here’s the writeup – it’ll go live in the morning at 8:30 Pacific. (That’s 22 June 2016):

    the bridge pickup improved

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    I ran a bunch of experiments with a little wooden pressure chamber I made, working with the properties of the Cortado pickup’s piezo disc, in a surface-mount configuration.

    I thought the data might be interesting for people here, plus I was goofing around and made this spiffy animated spectral analysis progression across the different configuration trials, so I wanted to post it around. 😀

    First two graphs are control samples; here’s the key, and lots of details on exactly what I was doing. Sound file at the link, too.


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