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Different cabinet use?

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    What would be the drawbacks, if any, to using the Percolator connected to a cabinet with a 8-ohm 12″ speaker, instead of the 8″ Jensen?

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    Thanks for your question.
    If the speaker can handle the proper wattage, there is no drawback at to trying it out. How it will sound might be a different issue, and that all depends on the type of 12″ speaker you use. Generally it’s going to sound good if you use a speaker designed for guitar and has a wattage rating of at least 10 watts (or so). 12″ Speakers generally have the potential to sound louder and somewhat “bigger” in the lower frequencies than a 8″ speaker (but that depends on a lot of other factors). Also, something to be mindful of when selecting a speaker is it’s sensitivity. For the Percolator, (it’s my opinion that) the more sensitive it is the better. The speaker is only being pushed by 2 watts, and it’s sensitivity has a lot to do with how many subtle harmonics you will hear. I wouldn’t suggest using a “hifi” type speaker, or any type of speaker with a “whizzer” cone. These types of speakers are designed for low distortion and a much different frequency response than what you’d typically want from a guitar speaker.
    Guitar tone is so subjective and it’s always fun to explore new tone territory with other speakers, so i encourage you to try out as many different speakers as you can get your hands on (as long as they are 8 ohm). You’ll find one that really resonates with you!

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