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    Glen v A

    “I am working on an art installation for a holiday event in midtown Detroit- we will have five 10 foot tall musical sculptures and…we wanted to…amplify them, which is where the piezos came in. I’m wiring up the first one the this weekend, to try out the set up (…we’re tying together 3 piezos to send into the Cortado). If things go well I’ll have an order coming for 4-5 more next Monday.”
    – A.M., Detroit, Michigan
    Sculpture #2 for Noel Night, Dec 5 Detroit

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    Glen v A

    “I have a lot of smallish string instruments collected from all over the world that Im interested in recording with this.”
    K.M., Toronto Canada

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    Glen v A

    “I’m curious to see a pre-amp version [of a piezo pickup], and test it out to see how it works. I’m always looking for low cost ways of achieving interesting and/or quality sounds.”
    S.G., Huntsville AL

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    Glen v A

    “I’m an audio engineer, producer, musician. Always thought piezos would be much more useful if they didn’t sound so tinny, and this circuit and everything makes that quest a whole lot simpler. I’m interested in seeing what they can add to a recording. Should be interesting..
    C.D., Brooklyn NY

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    Glen v A

    “I just wanted to say nice job. People often ask me to build and sell these things and I don’t have time to get involved, but I know the need is great. Thanks for filling the void…. Love the documentation – It’s so important and so often overlooked! — Zach Poff, Sound Guru, NY

    “I want to build the tin can mic for creepy voice over sound or in my personal studio for the more authentic bands I get…. I have been wanting to build one for so long but after seeing, and hearing, the versatility on the instructables article…I knew this was the design I’d been waiting for!” — Bunny DAST, game designer, Houston TX

    “Thanks for making the Cortado available online. I would like to use your device to engage middle and high school students in STEM subjects and encourage them to think about engineering as a career. I plan to use it a group activity. They will make the microphone to work with a music circuit I’ve designed and a speaker.” — N.S., North Carolina State University College of Engingeering

    “I’m mostly interested in experimenting… I also work with a lot of new music groups in the Bay Area, many of which are always chasing new sounds … First possible use will come in a week and a half for a recording of new piano music… I’m planning on leaving a couple of channels for them and look forward to hearing what I get…” — M.M., San Francisco CA

    “the microphone [is] for my dad’s Christmas present. He’s an amateur radio operator who’s ridiculously hard to buy for, so when I found the microphone on Insturctables I figured I’d make him one for Christmas.” — J.B., Sault Ste Marie, Canada

    “I’ve been looking for a good solution for a contact-type mic. I like what I saw and heard in the “tin can mic” Instructable.” — J.B., Sewell NJ

    “I want to see whether I can make your piezo mic into an area effect microphone, a.k.a. a boundary microphone.” — D. K., Kenmore WA

    “I plan to make the New and Improved Tin Can Mic. I thought I’d make it for a friend’s daughters, who are both talented singers.” — R.C., Lexington KY

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