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    Finished the build and it appears to be working. However, when I modify the filter it also changes the length of release, even if the release knob isn’t turned at all. I can’t seem to adjust the filter without also adjusting the length of release. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    JB, thanks for writing! This is a new one. There are four knobs that all modify the filter in some way: wave shape, rate, depth and cutoff. Which one(s) seem to also influence the release time? All of them, or just one? Does that knob seem to have the expected effect on the filter, as expected, plus the added bonus of fiddling with the release time, or does it ONLY adjust the release time? And finally: lets’s say RELEASE is all the way to the left, for very short release, like an organ. Now let’s say you make a filter adjustment that results in a very long release time. If you nudge the RELEASE knob just a hair, does it re-set the release to a very short time, as expected? And does nudging the misbehaving filter control switch it back to very long release? Let me know.


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    Joseph Barone

    Thanks for the response. The release knob position doesn’t seem to effect the tone at all. The cutoff knob is the one that seems to be effecting the quality of the tone. If I turn it all the way to the right the sound quality is very open but also very sustained. Move it all the way to the left, the tone is limited and it has no sustain. Can’t seem to open the filter via cutoff without also adding long release.

    The attack knob works as it should. The rest of the LFO controls also appear to work as they should.

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    Hmm, lemme think about that one. In the meantime, you can carefully inspect the soldering of the Release knob. You may want to reflow the connections. Obviously, if it were not soldered well, it wouldn’t work; but transferring that functionality to another knob, now that’s a bit puzzling. I’ll discuss with my partner and will re-post here.

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    Joseph, we think this behavior is most likely due to software corruption, for which the solution would be to re-flash the microcontroller. This is wasily done with a USB-Tiny programmer and our free Updater App for PC. Before taking this remedy, however, you can check the functionality of the RELEASE pot.
    1. Use your volt meter to test the voltage on the center pin of the pot, with the unit powered up, as you sweep the knob. The voltage should range from 0-5 volts. If the voltage is constant at zero, it is not sodlered properly somewhere. If it is static at some non-zero value, or fluctuates erratically, the pot is damaged and we will send a replacement.
    2. Check for continuity between the pot center pin and its corresponding pin on the microchip. Consult the schematic at the back of the manual to determine which pin the pot is connected to. Or you can gently run one test probe across the tiny pins on each side of the MCU, listening for a beep. Carefully isolate the beep until you are confident which pin it is coming from. If there is no beep, the pot is not physically connected to the MCU.

    If the pot passes these tests, then the only remaining possibility is software.

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