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    So I completed my build. Everything checked out during calibration. Completed the jumper tabs. When I hooked up the tremolo to try it out, there’s no tremolo sound. I hear my guitar in bypass mode. I hear my guitar (although slightly darker in tone) when the pedal is engaged, but I don’t hear any tremolo effect. The tap tempo appears to work. I see the green light changing.

    The only thing I changed in my build from the directions, was I socketed the opamps. Incase there is ever a problem so I can swap them out.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!
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    I tried to attach pics, I don’t think it worked. Here’s another link.

    double-jumped jumpers

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    Thanks for the pictures. They were very helpful.
    The problem is with the jumpers. Please pay close attention to the instructions and pictures of the jumpers in the assembly manual.
    You are supposed to only connect the 2 tiny pads together on each left and right side, but you have connected all 4 pads together with a wire. Please remove the wire you installed on both the high and low signal paths.
    That will probably fix the no tremolo issue.
    Good luck.

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    That was it! I think I allowed my build experience to get ahead of my detailed reading of the manual. I should have looked at the board more closely. I thought each side needed to be connected. Perhaps a really close up view of the pads in the directions would stop future guys like me from screwing this step up. But it was totally my fault! You guys have made a great kit, and the directions are great. So I’m not blaming you guys, this was totally on me.

    Thanks for you help!

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