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    It was the night before Christmas and… I booted up my Altura kit. It displays the firmware version 3.1.7. As far as I can tell, it seems to be working OK. Is the version correct? If not, I have an Arduino programmer and can load 2.1.2.

    The reason I am not sure it is working OK is that it is still in bare board form. I created a spare case template and have cut out a polypropalene case. However, no amount of template juggling makes sense. The midi port on the board is on the left hand side and the three buttons are on the right. However, the template has both buttons and MIDI port on the right. No matter what origami I try with the template, it does not match the board. I have checked the Quick Start video and that shows the MIDI port on the left. If you have a pdf of an updated template then I can create a paper one from that.

    I really wanted the Acrylic case kit, but I have never seen it in stock with my UK supplier, Thonk.

    I used polypropalene because it forms hinges at bends and it is possible to glue it with a specialist adhesive. However, I can cut the panels out and reverse the rear and glue up (hopefully!) to fit.

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    That’s the correct, latest firmware version.
    I’m sorry about that flaw in the cabinet tempate. We were aware of the error, but I did not think any bogus templates actually made it into circulation. The revision of Oct-29-2019 has the correct hole arrangement. In that template, you are looking at the inside of the cabinet: all folds bend upward. The group of three holes in the lid should be on the opposite side of the large MIDI hole in the cabinet back, not on the same side. If you eamil me at info(at)zeppelindesignlabs dot com, I’ll send you the PDF of the correct template. yes, you could salvage your PP pattern by slicing off the lid and flipping it around, reattaching it with a hinge.


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