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    Richard (Tonal Axis) sent us this note from the UK:

    “Hi Glen and team,

    I’ve built the pedal and starting to write the blog post including some nice images of the build in progress.

    I just wanted to give a bit of feedback about it…..

    Well, my son who’s the predominant guitar player in our household has it running through a EHX Hot Wax pedal at this very moment and he’s loving it!

    The two modes are awesome, and feature-wise it’s perfect. And having the volume boost is a real bonus.
    I like the toggle/momentary implementation and tap tempo is great too. Whoever designed the pedal certainly knows how to get the right tone (with the standard set up [I haven’t tinkered with the filter settings yet]) and overall build and ease of putting it together is great!!

    Please consider doing a stereo reverb/delay pedal in the future.

    One suggestion I would have is to add CV points for synth users.
    I know you are planning on adding MIDI functionality but added control voltage would also be awesome.
    Maybe that could also be added to the MIDI board??

    I’ll let you know once I have put stuff online.

    I wish you all success with this and I hope you do find a decent UK distributor.



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