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    Macchiato and Altura (both DIY kits) seem to be functioning independently, but when connected to each other via MIDI cable, no sound or response from the Macchiato. MIDI cable tests good for continuity. Fresh Duracell batteries in both. LED on Macchiato does not blink when Altura is activated with hand movements.

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    Thanks for writing JRK! You need to set the Altura transmit channel to match the Macchiato Receive channel. It’s easier to set the Altura Transmit channel, so start there. Set Function = 7, and twirl the far left knob (Data Far). You should see numbers 1-16 spin by. One of these will match the Macchiato Receive channel, and when you hit it, the Macchiato should spring to life.

    If you need to set a specific Macchiato Rx channel (eg, to resolve a conflict with other devices), do the following (BTW, these instructions are covered in the respective Owners Manuals):
    1. Set your Altura to the Transmit channel upon which you wish the Macchiato to
    receive, and connect its MIDI OUT to the Macchiato MIDI IN.
    2. Turn off the Macchiato.
    3. Turn all the Macchiato’s knobs full right, except Volume. Leave Volume wherever you like.
    4. Turn the Macchiato on.
    5. Play a note with the Altura by waving your hand over the right sensor to send a Note On to the Macchiato. The Macchiato reads the channel number from the first MDI event it sees, and permanently sets itself to receive only on that channel henceforth. This setting remains in place until such time as you change it again.

    Of course, it’s also possible the Altura is not actually transmitting data, or the Macchiato is not actually processing the received data. Do you have another synth with which to confirm the Altura is transmitting? Another controller with which to confirm the Macchiato is receiving?

    Let me know what you discover.


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    Thanks Glen!

    I performed the above 5 steps, but still they do not work together.

    I borrowed a MIDI device from a friend. It has MIDI IN and MIDI OUT jacks. Looks like the Macchiato is not working, however the Altura IS working.

    I will look at the Macchiato closer for solder joints and incorrectly installed components.


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