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    Rob Bernstein

    Upgraded my VP Jr yesterday with the “Ready To Install” kit for volume and expression.
    Instructions were good for the most part, one or two of them could have used a picture from a different angle to confirm I was installing the part in the correct orientation. The only thing I struggled with was the magnet installation, but that was it. Put the pedal on my board last night and it sounds great (or doesn’t sound anything, which is the point). I love the idea of being able to set different volume curves, but for now I am using the standard set up. I mostly use the pedal for off/on of the guitar signal, but I will say the sweep of the pedal is excellent and transparent. Have not tested the Expression function yet but figured if I was upgrading the pedal why not get that extra functionality.

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    Thanks for your comments, Rob. Glad to hear you are having a good experience with your VPM-1!

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    Rob Bernstein

    The only thing on my wish list is the ability to tighten the tension of the pedal. It is a bit too loose for my taste. Not a Zeppelin issue but an Ernie Ball issue.

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    There is a way to do that. It involves disassembling the pedal to get to the spring tension washers on the axle. From there, those washers just need to be re-bent to add more tension to the treadle. I’m actually working on a VPM-1 troubleshooting guide that will have instructions on how to do this…with pictures. But being that we are in pandemic mode currently, i don’t know when i’ll be able to get it done.
    Just letting you know something is in the works.

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    Rob Bernstein

    Awesome, glad there is a fix. Look forward to seeing your post when you can!

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