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    Just got a new Quaverato with MIDI kit through the build service. As far as I can tell the build is good; all the controls work, and the pedal is definitely receiving some MIDI signals.

    However, I’m having two issues syncing the pedal to Reaper via MIDI:
    1- The wave shape seems to be sensitive to exactly when I start Reaper playing. For example, with a square wave, phase: in – if I time it right I can get it so the guitar is coming through on the beat and silenced off the beat, but if I don’t time the start right it can be off, by seemingly any amount (i.e. it’s not consistently off by a quarter, eighth, or sixteenth note

    EDIT TO ADD: By “wave shape” I don’t really mean the wave shape control… I mean what point in the Quaverato’s LFO cycle is occurring right on the beat. The phase of the LFO, in a sense.

    2- The tempo drifts. A little fast, I think. Again, if I time the start right, it will seem to be in sync for 30-40 seconds, but after that it has noticeably drifted ahead, and continues to get farther off

    I want to be able to keep Quaverato in sync with Reaper for the length of a song. Seems like that should be do-able! I’ve been using MIDI CC 21 and 51 to set the multiplier to 1:1 or 2:1 and the beat clock to ON. CC 93 had weird results; even with the same CC value on every eighth note the Quaverato’s rate would increase throughout the bar, then reset. Very cool effect that could be used creatively, but first I want to get a rock-solid sync going.

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    I’m sorry for your frustration with these syncing issues.
    It seems like you are expecting the Quaverato’s LFO to start at the time you engage the effect. It actually is constantly running in the background from the moment the pedal is powered on. When you engage the effect, you hear it from wherever it is in it’s cycle. That may explain why isn’t not syncing as you expect.
    The midi clock on the Quaverato has never quite been perfect. This is partly due to all the processing the microcontroller is doing, the clock resolution isn’t great. So theoretically, if your computer’s midi clock resolution is better than the Quaverato’s, it’s going to drift (unless you get really lucky). The best way to use it might just be to tap in your tempo and disregard the midi clock sync. I’m sorry about these limitations, but that’s all I can tell you at this point.

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