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    Hey as I think I’ve mentioned to somebody over there I’ve been meaning to have all the leads for all 7 knobs on the Altura go to a DB15 cable, and from there to a breakout box that you control with your feet. It’s a pretty simple mod but I’m really excited about it and I’d like to ask your advice.

    First, the seven potentiometers in the foot controller appear to be measuring approx. 0-90k, rather than the full 100k like advertised, in my cheap multimeter here. Is this going to be a problem working in the place of the alps pots you include with the kit? Or should I try getting better pots?

    Secondly – and I think I discussed this with one of you previously but it’s been a few months – I can take the 3 wires coming from each pot and run one to a common wire, right, using all 15 of the cables?

    Thanks for any and all help. Very excited about this project. I think you will be as excited when I show it to you. It should make for great fun with the arpeggiator especially.

    — coffeepal

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