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    Bob DeVore

    Hi. A friend referred me here to look for a microphone that can be suitable for a string bass I built. I used a large calabash gourd for the body, a thin wood panel for the top, and nylon strings. I can get a decent signal using a kick-drum mic with phantom power, but this microphone has to be placed so carefully that I have to keep the instrument completely still while playing. I also tried a regular stick-on piezo made for acoustic guitars, but it seems to need a preamp to get a strong signal, and it picks up a lot of noise, possibly because the lead from the pickup is really long and seems to pick up any little movement of the long cable. I think your contact microphone might be the right solution for my gourd bass, but here’s the thing: I know a lot more about acoustic sound than I know about electronics. I feel like working with a kit-style contact mic might help me understand how to work out my issues and continue my weird experiments in bass.
    Thanks in advance if you can help, but even if you can’t I really appreciate Zeppelin’s support for builders of sound machines.

    Bob “Zilla” DeVore

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