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    On 1-February-2018, we released Altura Update 1, software version 2.1.2. This update rewrites the algorithm for handling data from the right sensor. This results in two main improvements:

      In PLAY mode, the Altura is much more playable! The sensor tracks your hand location more accurately and creates a zone in space associated with each note. As your hand enters the zone, the zone actually expands around your hand, making it easier to hold the note. The trigger point is in the same point in space whether you are running up the scale or down. This makes it much easier to develop “muscle memory” while practicing. (In version 2.1.1, the trigger point and zone size could actually drift a bit.)

      In XY mode, both sensors now use identical algorithms to process data, making response more accurate and intuitive. (Version 2.1.1 used a slightly different algorithm for the right sensor.)

    Additionally, version 2.1.2 fixes a bug relating to some of the scales. When changing from a harmonic scale to pentatonic or chromatic, the Altura sometimes lost track of how many notes were supposed to be in the current scale. This is now fixed.
    Find the latest release on our Github page. Download version 2.1.2 and use a USB-Tiny programmer to flash the hex file onto your Altura; or ship your unit back to us postage paid for a free upgrade.

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