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    I finished the kit, I did all the adjustments. When I’m switching from bypass to Tremolo there is no signal. The green LED pulses and otherwise behaves as it should with all the knobs and tap button, but when I switch the bypass there’s silence. I checked the components an I think everything is in place. Do you have any advice?

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    Did you remember to solder the jumpers?

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    Yes I soldered the jumpers.I send you some pictures by e-mail
    Best regards

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    I can here a quiet sound of the LFO wave, I can change the speed and the wave form, but there is no guitar. I can send you an audio file.
    Best regards, Jürg

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    Thanks for the photos and sound file. Since you are getting the sound of the LFO out of the pedal, it seems to be mostly working, there is probably just something wrong in the signal path.
    Does the volume of the LFO change when you adjust the volume control?
    Does the rate change when you adjust the rate control?
    Make sure there are not solder shorts anywhere, also make sure the back of the pots aren’t shorting out of the solder joints on the board.
    Let me know about the controls.

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    Hi Barch

    All the controls works: depth, rate, multiplier, spacing, wave shape, harmonic mix and volume.
    You can hear this as a quiet sound from the amp.
    The pots don’t touch the solder joints on the board an I cant see any solder shorts.

    I sent you an audio file by email.
    Best regards Jürg

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    Thanks for the new sound file.
    I know this sounds dumb, but make sure the cables are plugged into the correct jacks. This mistake happens to me every once in a while because i’m not paying close enough attention when the pedal is flipped upside down. If that’s not the issue, continue…
    Plug in amp to the pedal. Make sure the pedal in engaged (not bypassed)… With a metal object, like some tweezers or screw driver, that you are holding (make sure you are holding the metal part of the tool) touch the tip of output jack…you should hear a loud noise from the amp. Then touch pin 6 of U2 (the first TL072 in the signal path). You should hear a similar loud sound from the amp.
    Did these two points make the expected noise?
    Let me know what you find.

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