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    Glen v A

    Mike in Downstate Illinois sent in these comments, along with a beautiful photo: “Well I only have good news to share. The builds of both items were completed awhile ago, and to much success. I used a two-tone combination of Gunstock and Red Mahogany Minwax stains…. Like the manual suggests, the wood isn’t particularly suited to lighter stains, but I did a good job of selecting which sides would take the stain the best, and therefore be on the front/top sides. You will notice that the orientation of the speaker grill cloth is wrong. It bugged me at first, but I have grown to not mind. Other than that, it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

    Soundwise, I’m very pleased. I took it to an informal jam session with friends, and I had a buyer lined up even though I wasn’t selling. I have now heard vintage-y tele’s, strats, and LP’s through it, and it sounds just like a 5F1 should, albeit quicker on the breakup and lower on the volume. It’s a great amp for the price! I normally get my other projects tolexed, so it was a fun change of pace doing the woodworking, too.”

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