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    The power led won’t light up when I plug a boss 9.6v 200mA power adapter into the quaverato. I consulted the troubleshooting manual which recommended checking the voltage at a couple of test points which should show 9v. I connected the black lead to ground and the red lead to each of these points and there was no reading (I verified that the multimeter is in the correct setting using a 9v battery). I also verified that the power adapter works. Finally, I tested for continuity of both the sleeve and center pole of the female power adapter socket through to the circuit board and everything seems fine. However, if I put the leads of the multimeter across the terminals coming directly out of the female socket I also don’t get a reading (not really sure if I should or not though, still a newbie at all of this). What should be my next step? Is the pedal dead? Thanks for any help!

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    You are apparently getting power to the board (you are testing the wrong pins coming out of the 9V female power jack…use the 3rd pin on the bottom of the board). Are you getting 5 volts on the 5 volt test points?
    Do any of the other LEDs turn on? If so, then the power LED is probably backwards. Have you tested it yet?

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