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    Richie B

    I am miffed, been through the troubleshooting page and this is where I am,

    1. Does not pass signal until volume knob is at 2 o’clock. It needs to be @ 3:30 for it to be loud enough to hear. phase… Harmonic mix all the way to high…depth on full….rate on full…spacing @ 2 o’clock…barely any effect to no effect.
    3. out of phase…Harmonic mix all the way to high…depth on full….rate on full…spacing @ 2 o’clock…barley any effect, sound is muddy, very little tremolo.
    in the center, depth on full, more effect but still not a crazy amount of tremolo. All the way to low there is tremolo, but with the depth at full, it is not a ton of tremolo, but it’s there.
    4. in phase…. no effect when fully on high or low, effect only when at 12 o’clock, some effect on either side of 12, but totally absent whe full to high or low/
    5. Sometimes the whole unit will power up, red light on, but bypass and rate do not light, unplug everything and start over and it works, nothing changed. Once it would not work, (power light on, no rate or bypass light) bring it to the bench, take off the cover, plug it in, everything works, lights that is, same problems with how it works, . Put it back together, and back to power ligh works, nothing else. Leave it alone overnight, in the morning it works as described above.

    In all settings, unless the volume knob is past 2, no sound hardley at all. More like 4 o’clock before usable, 3 o’clock sounds like unity gain.

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    It seems that you may have a couple of issues going on at once. Most likely, the biggest issue is probably a short or open somewhere. Shorts can sometimes happen when you close the chassis because all the pots and pcb and everything can get kind of squished together causing something to be connected that shouldn’t be connected. Check to make sure the backs of the pots aren’t shorting against anything, possibly through the insulation paper (make sure there are no punctures in it). Also, this type of issue can be caused by bad solder joints that aren’t making good connection. Please check and re-flow the solder joints on the board (pay close attention to the solder joints on the pots).
    When you get the solder joints and connections situated, that may solve all of your problems. But i am curious how calibration mode worked for you. Did one side or the other not work?

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