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    Berk of Schenectady, New York bought a ready-to-play Percolator (electronics only), and then cast about for a cab to play it through:
    “I finally have a speaker with which I could test the Percolator. I just got a Hellatone 25 Ceramic speaker (8 ohm) that I put into a Blackstar 112 cabinet. It sounds great (loud!). This speaker & cabinet combination is on the dark side so I actually ran a treble booster in front of the amp and it worked great.
    “So much joy from one little amp ๐Ÿ™‚
    “Thank you for designing and building such a nice amp. It roars and purrs very nicely at > 1/2 volume, specially with my Godin LG with humbuckers. More polite with the Strat. Great for more clean & snappy stuff.”

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