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    Bill G

    Hey Brach- When I press the tap switch it turns the bypass led off and on. I had bypassed the burnt pads(on tap switch) connecting the ground the closest pin of C6 (wrapping jumper wire around the leg and soldering) ,the other to the 3rd pin of microcontroller. Any thoughts?

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    That’s my fault! I’m so sorry, I told you the wrong pin to solder the wire to….it supposed to be pin 4, not 3. I’m so sorry! I was going from memory yesterday when I told you the wrong pin, but after reviewing the schematic I realize that pin 3 is the bypass pin.
    The good news is that you don’t need to solder to pin 4 on the microcontroller, if you don’t want to…there is a little via (a little hole through the board) right below R16 (10K resistor) that you can solder the wire to. That may be easier than soldering to the IC pin, but maybe not, now that you have some practice doing that. If you are wondering which via it is, it should be connected to pin 4…just use your continuity tester on your meter to test it.
    Good luck and sorry for the bad information yesterday.

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    Bill G

    No worries- just glad I don’t have to take it apart again lol. Thanks for all your help Brach.

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    Bill G

    Brach- that fixed the problem. I have to be honest though…I had no sound when I plugged it in other than in bypass mode. I regretted saying I was glad I didn’t have to take it apart right after I sent the last email. After reading everything in the forum and being referred to the troubleshooting manual…something you said about making sure all the cables are in the right jacks lol.
    I’ve only been playing for 50years though. That was an easy and humbling fix. Thanks again for all your help. This a great pedal and looking forward to your next one.
    Sincerely, Bill

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