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    We just received this letter from my new favorite customer:

    I’ve been considering a theremin for a long time. Then I saw the Nuts ‘N Volts magazine article about the Altura. Finally something I can afford using something less tricky than detuning an oscillator. The final factor was seeing that portamento is not mandatory, and there are multiple modes.
    I’m part of a variety troupe doing revues about scoundrels through the ages (pirates, wild west con men, 1920s Chicago crooks, etc.), and an unusual instrument should add to the show.

    1. By blending the final audio output with fixed oscillators, I want to try making the world’s funkiest bagpipe emulator.
    2. I have an old “Miracle Piano” keyboard with MIDI connectors, and I’m intrigued with using the Altura to control it.
    3. I’m both a planner and preformer for the largest US outdoor steampunk festival (Watch City). The cases for both the Altura and Macchiato will be made of 1/8 inch model aircraft plywood, stained and varnished, with brass angle accenting the edges, possibly matching the case I built for my ham radio equipment, to look appropriately steampunk.

    Yes, I willl send pictures of the results.

    -= Bill McIninch, KA1MOM =-
    AKA “Doc Whatley” of the King Serpent Variety Troupe

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