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    Steve G

    So, with 40 years in repairing electronics for musicians and studios, I’ve seen a lot of gear fall in and out of fashion. Some of the fashionable stuff just doesn’t deserve the hype.
    The Dunlop pedals are certainly well built but the string breakage and pot wear issues are real. I’ve replaced more than my share, for myself and for clients, and it’s never fun. Older Allen Bradley long life pots could last for years, but modern pedals can wear out a pot (at least where it becomes too noisy for guitar) in a year. Morley opto pedals are pretty solid but the taper issues makes some less than great. The newer Dunlop dual pedals, with a dual pot for volume AND expression is a great idea. I was about to buy one when I came across your mod. After about a week of use, I can say that this seems to cover all the bases (with the expression mod installed). I may still use my old Morley on a pedal steel that I dabble with, but this is definitely the best thing going.

    The build isn’t for beginners, as you recommend, but it only took me about 90 minutes.

    Expression values that only reach about 22-23% can be caused by the expression board protection zener installed with reverse polarity. I expect you have encountered this already.

    Suggestions: Some of the tapers could be more extreme. Being able to use the expression and volume functions simultaneously would be an advantage.

    Check out the reel linked. Feedback is always welcome.

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