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    I bought a prebuilt stereo VPM-1 about a year ago. It’s been great. I’ve recently changed my pedalboard and hooked up the Tuner output. I’m not getting any signal. I’ve tried plugging directly out of the tuner and into an amp and wiggling the cable, nothing. I pulled the unit out of the chassis and double-checked that the jumper is in place. It is, but still no signal. Any ideas?

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    Sorry about the tuner trouble.
    Was the tuner output working on your previous pedal board setup?
    Do you have the expression mod installed on your VPM-1?

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    Michael Bodan

    Hi Beach,
    No expression mood and it was previously working. The stereo cables are also intermittent and only work if wiggled.

    Sorry for the incredibly late reply, I must have totally missed the notification.

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    Contact me via our website “contact” page and let me know your serial number (not in this forum).
    I want to check on the warranty status.

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