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    Am I buying a tin can mic or not?

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    Glen v A

    No! The Tin Can Mic is something you make yourself, incorporating the Cortado kit. Here’s what’s in the kit (notice, No can, styro cup, embroidery hoop, rubber bands or old stockings):
    Cortado Kit contents: notice, No Can
    you can make the following contact mic; OR, if you order Ready-to-Play, this is what we send you:
    Cortado Contact Mic, built form kit, OR this is what we sell Pre Built
    Or, from the kit, you can make an internal instrument pickup:
    Instrument pickup, built from Cortado kit
    Or, with the kit plus a bunch of trash which you provide and which is not included in the kit, you can make this awesome tin can mic:
    Tin Can Mic, built from Cortado kit, CAN NOT INCLUDED
    Our Cortado Instructable clearly lists all the odds and ends you will need to build a Tin Can Mic using a Cortado kit. Sorry, but we do not offer the Tin Can Mic pre-built. These things are pretty fragile and would not ship well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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