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    VR10 position???
    I soldered VR10 as instructed in #9 with adjustment screw toward R4 and R5 though photo 70 is a different configuration,
    BUT photos 79 and 80 show adjustment screw in my configuration away from R4 and R5.
    I am assembling a version 8.2. Should I take out VR10 and turn it around 180 degrees?
    Confused and concerned.
    Thanks for the advice.

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    Are you using the correct manual for your version? If your board is version 8.2 then use the manual for serial numnbers 3672 and up. If you have board version 6.x use the other manual. But i’m a little confused because VR10 isn’t shown in picture 70….only VR8 and 9. And R4 and R5 aren’t mentioned in the notes for that part. Maybe try to re-download the manual to make sure you have the latest version. You may see some discrepencies in the photos, as described by the note on page 13.
    Anyway, it really doesn’t matter which direction you solder in VR10; for our purposes it is non-polorized. You should still be able to adjust the gain in the same way, no matter which direction it’s facing.
    Let me know about the manual you are using.

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    Larry Varvel

    Thanks for the reply. I finally found the difference in the assembly instruction pdfs when I downloaded a new pdf today (8/28/19) about two hours ago. I originally downloaded and printed the assembly copy I was using 7/13/19 in anticipation of delivery of the kit. I will go through every page I have completed to make sure that I have completed them according to the newest assembly version and use the new version for the rest of the kit. I thought the direction and photographs were excellent until this difference. I have copied the differences to email, but that is no longer relevant.
    Thanks again for the reply.

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    Thats good. I hope the rest of the build goes well. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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