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    Zeppelin Design Lab,

    Well, it was a long road (for us), but we finished it. I purchased the Percolator and Speaker Cabinet kits in Summer of 2016 as a gift for my son as part of a “rite of passage” ceremony we did the summer before starting High School. It was a project to do together and we started right away, but had to table the project because of an unusually busy work schedule. He was so patient. But, we got going on it again in earnest the beginning of this year with the goal of getting it done.

    We made a few rookie mistakes along the way, needing a few extra wires and work arounds, and had a step backwards now and again (we the melted grill cover fabric when attempting to heat shrink it and had to get a new one – I will post separately things we learned in the process to provide “tips and help” to others).

    When we finally finished – it sounded great! Wow … better than I imagined it would! It’s our first “tube amp”, and they live up to the hype! My son was going on and on about stuff I didn’t even understand. I really appreciate its sound with the Strat, and its simplicity! Just a volume knob. Between the guitar controls and that volume knob … wow, what sound!

    Your customer service was outstanding – thanks for going the extra mile with us on this as we worked through our mistakes. We really, really appreciate that!!!

    Also, I really enjoyed the “tour” when I stopped by while in Chicago, and getting to meeting some of your staff. Really cool you guys are affiliated with Jesus People USA.

    Finish was 1 coat Varathane “Golden Mahogany” and 3 coats MinWax Satin wipe-on poly (as you use in your videos).

    Will finishes the finishes
    Varthane Honey Maple and three clear urethane topcoats. Fabulous.
    Percolator Proud

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