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    Russell Thomas

    Hi Glen,

    Thanks for your detailed response. Being your new favorite person, even for a day, means I can die happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    To clarify: I’m looking to set up TWO X-Y or X-Y-Z sensor fields, one for each hand, moving independently. This would yield 4 or 6 independent CC signals on some number of MIDI cables (don’t care).

    I took a long walk and was thinking about all this.

    First, it was clear that I needed audio isolation – at least between left and right, and maybe more. Since these are high frequencies (I presume), then acoustic foam should be useful.

    About the “hand globes”, I now see that spheres won’t work. They would need to be cubes, with each side facing a speaker + mic pair. I will adjust the rest of my costume to fit that motif. Maybe neo-Devo?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also realize I won’t get full X-Y or X-Y-Z coverage in each arm if I use just one speaker + mic for each dimension, since they would be positioned in the middle of the plane. I don’t think I need full range on all the CCs at once, or if I do, I can write a script in the DAW (Reaper) to do the conversion.

    Sensor frequency and sensitivity to reflections seems to be the main issue to deal with in design phase. Dusting off my decades-old EE degree, I wonder if there isn’t some way in HW + SW to make each Altura more selective in frequency, so that they reject signals from other Altura’s even if they are in range.

    Acoustic treatment seem like the best way to cope with unwanted reflections. Heck, I may just make a stand for all of this, so there is no table for sound to reflect off of. I imagine this to be a fairly athletic activity, rather like conducting an orchestra, so making it a stand-up rig makes sense.

    Thanks for your encouragement, and yes I will make videos of the project if I dive in. I have some other basic hardware stuff to sort out first.

    Russell Thomas

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