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    Hello All,

    Back again after a while with an update. After several laps around the board over the last year (reflowing joints and checking color codes disassembling and re assembling with no avail) I reached into my toolbox and grabbed a cheap-o multimeter to run some tests the other day… AGAIN! (NYC is basically on lockdown for the foreseeable future so why not) and to my surprise all voltages metered CORRECTLY.

    As it turns out, my “good” meter was throwing a wrench in the works with some weird readings. Not sure what made the initial spark many months back but all is functioning and testing well here. Sounding great as well PS. Looking forward to putting it to good use in the future.

    I do have a suggestion for a future revision of the kit however. If you have to every take the PCB out, you end up in a scenario where you will stress (and break) the pot without some sorcery. I suggest making the 3 pads set further back into the pcb and soldering some jumper wires to the pot to make it a bit more flexible upon removal.


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